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June 24, 2016


Oh the sights you will SEE!

Special thanks to George Hamilton for the great photos.

Walking down the dock to the boat.

Sunrise on Port San Juan.

Fishing on the Pacific Ocean

Rods are down and halibut are reeled up.

Grey whales feeding near the West Coast Trail

Seal lions basking in the sun

Baby Owen is smaller than the fish his Dad caught and not to happy about.

Loading up the Salmon and Halibut at the end os the day.

Another great day fishing with Mike Hovey and Trailhead Resort.



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April 9, 2016

I Deserve to go Fishing

A great Salmon & Halibut fishing trip, like many great adventures requires planning and organizing to make it successful.  Believing you should go fishing is the first step and convincing your boss, your wife, family and friends is the second. Here are a few reasons I deserve to go on a fishing trip.

10 reasons i deserve to go fishing

1. reboot myself

Spending time away from work, chores and family responsibilities is a way to destress my life allowing my body and mind to relax and recharge so I will return with new vigor and enthusiasm.  It’s good for my health.

2. quality time together

I will spend quality time with the people I love.  Having great times together with family & friends is the most important thing in life. Making sure I get to know my young people and spend enjoyable last trips with the elders in my life. Priceless!

3. Catch a cooler full of fish

I know that fishing is fishing, not shopping but I hear that fishing at Swiftsure Bank, Vancouver Island, Port Renfrew, BC is almost limit fishing.  1 Halibut and 4 Salmon per day is the limit for DFO Area 121.   With the price of Salmon and Halibut in the grocery store I will have a value of half, or more, of the price of the trip. What holiday sends me home with such a valuable product? Vegas chips?

4. eat quality fish all winter

I will know the quality of the fish I eat because I reeled the fish to the boat, watched my guide clean them at the dock and drop them off at the Fish Processing Room to be filleted, vacuum packed and flash frozen.  The next morning I will load my frozen fish for the trip home.  I don’t have to wonder where the fish I eat came from, farm fish, GMO or how long it took to be processed before it reached my plate.  It’s good for my Health. Check out our Pinterest Board "What fish to buy"    and "Salmon and Halibut Recipes"

5. broaden my mind

 I believe it is important to continue to learn about my world.  I will observe the fascinating and plentiful wildlife activity at the summer halibut breeding grounds of Swiftsure Bank, from Dalh’s Porpoise to Humpback whales, sealions and seabirds.  Watch our video "Sea Lions"

6. my life needs adventures

Throughout my life I need new adventures where I will have new experiences, discover new things and learn what life has to offer.  I will spent time outside, on the open Pacific Ocean and reel up a big halibut or play my 1st, or 101st salmon into the boat.

7. the challenge

I believe I need to challenge myself to master skills in life.  Learning to fish well requires lots of practice to hone my skills.  I love the challenge of reeling in a big one. It speaks to my hunter & gatherer instincts.  Check out our video "Double Header Salmon Fishing"  

8. the enjoyment

I believe Dr. Suess speaks the truth.  “Look at me. Look at me. Look at me Now!  It is fun to have fun but you have to know how”.

9. carry on traditions

I will teach my children how to fish like my father taught me and his father taught him.  I believe that my children need to spend time outdoors, away from the electronics to learn to appreciate the wonders of nature. Check out our Pinterest Board "Take your kids Outdoors"

10. create memories

I deserve to go on a Fishing trip to create wonderful memories of a fantastic time spent with my loved ones.  I will create a wealth of good story telling materials I will carry with me forever.

We would love to take you fishing

Fishing Packages & Rates webpage



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June 27, 2015

Port Renfrew Community Dock Society

The non-profit Port Renfrew Community Dock Society took over the care of the dock from the Government 13 years ago. The Dock Society president Peter Hovey of Trailhead Resort and various other board members have built a small marina for 24 boats and have leased the end of the main Dock out to the San Juan Fish Company and the Pacific Salmon Commission for their test fishing operation.
One of the first jobs was to gate the dock so people could no longer drive off the end as so many had done in the past. Repairs to the main dock were not done by the government during the time it was looking to transfer ownership so the second job was to replace the decking and handrails.
Snuggery Cove, the dock’s location is only a safe location for the marina during the summer months.  The wharfs are installed the end of May and removed mid-September. Twice the Dock Society tried to leave the wharfs in until the end of September only to have a storm came early and smashed the wharfs. The new wharfs, installed in 2014 are stored on the end of the main dock during the winter months and are lifted in and out of the water by a crane truck. 
The dock is maintained through volunteer hours by concerned members and users. The mandate of the Non Profit society is to keep the dock in original or better condition and maintain opportunity for business and employment of the people of Port Renfrew. The dock is to remain open for tourists and others to view the commercial and sport fishing sector at work and as a view point for all to enjoy.

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