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April 26, 2015

Visit Port Renfrew. BC

Visit Port Renfrew on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  See Map. We are famous for our wilderness paradise where you can explore and photograph while you fish, hike, beach comb and discover the amazing ecosystems where the temperate rainforest meets the Pacific Ocean. We are located on the Pacific Marine Circle Route, the only one on Vancouver Island.  

Port Renfrew is well known for the great fishing in the area, both fresh water and ocean fishing.  At Trailhead Resort we offer 1, 2 or 3 Day Fishing Packages complete with comfortable lodging, Salmon and Halibut guided fishing trips and delicious west coast meals on the day you fish. Check out more fishing information like boats, gear & guides or care of your catch or fishing regulations.

Inquire about a fishing trip for this summer.

Port Renfrew is a small town with a growing number of places to stay and places to eat.  Check out our place “Trailhead Resort”.  If we have no vacancy please check out the Port Renfrew Chamber site for other accommodations, restaurants and activities.  There is also a town map to make your plans easier.

Port Renfrew is in a Temperate Rain-forest where the high rainfall makes to the trees grow very large and hikes through the forests and alng the beautiful beaches are spectacular. The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is a provincial park going from Botanical Beach to China Beach.  The historic West Coast Trail is part of the Pacific Rim National Park and has 5000 people hiking the 78 km trail for 5 days.  The Big Tree Tour has many easy to access Big Trees marked on the map around the town.

Botanical Beach is a very special beach with an amazing amount of tide pools where you can watch all the creatures that live below the ocean. Check the Tide Chart for low tide so you can walk along the sandstone shelf and view numerous pools of sea life.  Have a look at DiscoverSooke video of a day trip to Botanical Beach.

With only a 2 hour drive from Victoria, lots of wilderness to explore and lots wildlife to see, Port Renfrew is a great place to visit.  Book your visit today.

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April 6, 2015


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April 1, 2015

Where did your fish come from?

When I started researching this blog about buying fish from a store and making the right choices for our health and protecting the ocean ecosystems I was over whelmed by the amount of things to consider. Is it farmed fish or GMO fish, what were the Commercial fishing practices?   It comes down to 3 questions: 1. What type of fish is this?  2. Where did this fish come from?  3. How was it harvested?  I have added some infographics and links to websites with lots of answers to these questions. We have a new Pinterest board “What fish to buy?” with even more info.

Our fishing clients can easily answer these questions, they reel the fish into the boat, see the guide clean the fish at the dock and take the fish to the fish processing room where it is flash frozen the same day.  Does it get any easier or better than this?




The David Suzuki Foundation has a Pinterest Board and a great website.

Pages: Issues about our Oceans, Eat for a Healthy Ocean and videos on best Pacific Ocean stories.

Another good website with lots of great information

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