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May 10, 2014

Just Go Fishing Video

Check out our 1st Youtube slideshow of great June fishing with Trailhead Resort. We fish for salmon and halibut 20 miles of shore at Swiftsure Bank off Vancouver Island.

We can take you and your friends out for some great fishing.

#portrenfrew #vancouverisland #fishingvacations

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May 3, 2014

Our Small Town Port Renfrew, BC

Global News made 3 presentation about Port Renfrew in the May 3rd 2014 "our small town in bc". They talk about the 2 major hiking trails, West Coast Trail and the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail and our amazing Big Trees, some of the biggest in the world. There is mention of our great surfing and of course our fantastic sports fishing for halibut and salmon. Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island is a wonderful place to visit and explore nature. #bcfishingvactions #vancouverisland #explorebc 

Port Renfrew #1         Port Renfrew #2           Port Renfrew # 3

Sunrise on Snuggery Cove, Port Renfrew. BC.

Sunset on Port San Juan in Port Renfrew. BC

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April 22, 2014

Large Salmon Returns 2014

Large Salmon Returns are predicted for the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Hugh numbers of Sockeye, Chinook and Coho are expected to be swimming past our favorite fishing holes on Swiftsure Bank.  Hopefully we will have a nice long sports fishing Sockeye opening. Should be great fishing this summer 2014. Book your trip today!


Phenomenal Salmon, Sockeye, Chinook and Coho, returns are predicted by fisheries and all the experts.The first interesting one is a prediction of huge returns of Chinook salmon to the Columbia River system. These are our early spring salmon making June the incredible fishing month it is. Columbia salmon can be sizable and are football shaped with lots of 4 year fish getting their bellies full for the push up that huge river system.

In our annual contest "Biggest Salmon" the winners of a free trip have reeled in Chinook Salmon from the Columbia River in June for the last two years.

On top of that it looks like we are going to have a chance to fish for Sockeye this year. Predictions are for record breaking returns of Fraser River Sockeye this 2014 fishing season. Some of you may remember the last sports caught Sockeye opening and the high numbers of salmon caught.

Best of all is the huge concentrations of Coho salmon making their way here to their old feeding grounds. DFO's forecast of Coho returns on the west coast of Vancouver is listed as abundant.

All this adds up to make the 2014 sports fishing season an action packed year with lots of fun and fish. Starting in June, the month to try for Halibut & Chinook, fishing will be hot all summer. Halibut size limits are larger and so far Halibut fishing is great already. Our "Biggest Halibut" winners have also planned their fishing vacations in June.

Maybe you should look into a June trip.

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