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February 10, 2014

Taste the Pacific Ocean

Just thinking today about all the great fishing I have experienced on the Pacific Ocean.   I have caught a few fish over the years and tasted the bounty. I don’t keep game fish, but I have eaten them all at one time or another.  The variety of fish are plentiful and the taste unique.


Marlins, sails, roosters, tuna of many colors, bonita, grouper, snapper, amberjacks, big eye jack, jacks of all types, wahoo, mackerel, corvina, sierra, barracuda, triggers, pompano, dorado, chancos and the warm water list goes on and on. Great fighters and great eating fish, the recipes are endless.

But for my money and tastes, nothing beats the cold northern pacific waters, teaming with life, fish with firm flesh and exquisite flavor. A feisty Chinook salmon, say 40 lbs, hooked up, in and out of the water, screamer runs and arduous rewinds, under and around the boat, dodging your attempts with the net. This is big game fishing equal to any marlin fight and the skill and luck needed to land that salmon are equal or better than any other fishing I know.
Am I biased? Maybe.  I do spend half my fishing year in southern climate, I love the warmth, I love the sea and I love the fish.  But in the north the fish just seem to fight harder pound for pound.  And the taste, is there anything better than a nice salmon on your BBQ or over the fire?  How about a bit of halibut or cod fried in light batter or cold shucked raw oysters?  You cannot even begin to compare the fresh flavor of white spot prawns to any shrimp in the sea.   Capping it off, the ultimate crab flavor in the world, Dungeness.

We are truly blessed to be able to live in Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island, BC and enjoy all the seafood the northwest Pacific has to offer.